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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your QR codes have a scanning limit?

No, our QR codes have no scanning limit.

Is there an expiration time for QR codes?

No, our QR codes do not have a time limit. You can use them for as long as you need.

What are the rules for placing content on a QR code?

Content on the ME-QR website must not contain spam, malicious links, fraud, child abuse, sexual content, offensive or provocative content, hate speech, cruelty to animals, advertising of illegal substances and weapons, gambling. Content that violates the rules will be removed without warning.

Is an internet connection required to use QR & Barcode Scanner?

No need. QR & Barcode Scanner operates completely independently and does not require an internet connection

Is the product authenticity and origin checking feature on icheck QR & Barcode Scanner reliable?

With Blockchain technology integrated in the app, the feature of checking the authenticity and origin of products on icheck QR & Barcode Scanner is very reliable.